TCHoU, University
of Tsukuba

Inaugural Symposium, TCHoU

 March 26 - 27 (Mon - Tue), 2018

The inaugural symposium of the Tomonaga Center of the History of the Universe (TCHoU), University of Tsukuba, will be held on March 26 and 27, 2018,
on the university campus.

See below for more details.

We are looking forward to seeing many participants interested in the research in the areas of elementary particles, nuclear physics, astrophysics, and the history of the universe as a whole.

  • Registration :  Please register on-line from this page   (Deadline: Monday, March 12, 2018)
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    Date 日時: March 26 (Mon) and 27 (Tue), 2018
    Venue 会場: University of Tsukuba  筑波大学
    Day 1: University Hall, International Conference Room
    Day 2: Laboratory of Advanced Studies, B
    Building map

    Access to the University   交通案内

    Bus route map (pdf)     バス路線図 (pdf)
     The closest bus stops are "Daigaku Kaikan Mae" (Day 1) and "Dai-Ichi Area Mae" (Day 2), respectively.

  • Structure / Program :

  • Registration :  Please register on-line from this page
            List of registrants

  • Contact: 305 - 8571 茨城県つくば市天王台 1-1-1
    Tomonaga Center for the History of the Universe
    Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences,
    University of Tsukuba
    TEL: 029-853-3724